The threat from non-traditional competition and alternative roles for talented legal professionals is spurring law firms and in-house legal teams to reflect on their workplace culture, innovative practices and career progression opportunities to attract and retain the best talent.

Australia is culturally and socially diverse and this needs to be reflected in the legal profession. In fact, research by the Law Society suggests that diverse workforces that include people with global experience and multicultural identities display more creativity and are better problem solvers. The research goes on to say that promoting diversity and inclusion dramatically reduces the risk of breaching existing legislation.

This conference will focus on best practices in talent management and diversity in the legal profession.


Leadership in the legal profession does not reflect the public it serves, even though women have entered law in numbers equal to men for decades.

Based upon her forthcoming book "Shortlisted: Women, Diversity, the Supreme Court & Beyond", Professor Knake shares surprising revelations about women shortlisted for the U.S. Supreme Court to inspire individuals and to aid organisations in bringing diversity to their leadership ranks.

Professor Renee Newman Knake is Professor of Law at the University of Houston Law Center, where she holds the Doherty Chair in Legal Ethics. She also holds the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at RMIT for 2019.


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