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Theo Kapodistrias

Theo Kapodistrias

General Counsel, Evergen, Speaker and Coach

Operational Excellence: Creating a World Class Legal Function on a Shoestring Budget

Legal counsel are asked to do more with less. With greater demands to get results, do things quickly, and keep expenditure low, there is a greater demand now more than ever to get things done (and cheaply). Creating operational excellence be created through smart measures with resources which are already available and free, or utilizing resources you didn’t even know were possible.

  • Outlining what it is to be operationally excellent
  • Understanding your team’s main pain points
  • Considering internal systems which could be utilised to solve problems
  • Introduction of tools we can implement and roll out
  • How AI may be implemented to assist with these tasks

Key Learnings

  1. How lawyers (in-house counsel) may reconfigure how their department operates
  2. Tools and techniques to use to make their work lives better
  3. Implementation and change management techniques

About Theo

Theo Kapodistrias is a multi-award-winning lawyer, based in Hobart, Tasmania. He is also an award-winning speaker, trainer and public speaking + presentation skills coach, running his own business He is the General Counsel at Evergen - an energy management software company.

He has been recognised for his work in the legal and community space winning several awards and has been named one of Australia's Most Influential Lawyers by the Australasian Lawyer Magazine in both 2022 and 2023. He was also named the Speaker of the Year at the 2022 International Coaches Awards.

He is a Non-Executive Director of the Association of Corporate Counsel Australia and Business Events Tasmania. In ACC Australia, he is also the Tasmanian Divisional President and Chair of the Sole Legal Officer Special Interest Group. In 2021, Theo took on the role as Executive Director and Licensee of TEDxHobart and is the host of a podcast titled ‘Craft Messages That Matter.’ In 2023, he delivered his own TEDx Talk at TEDxKatoomba titled "Lessons from my Ethnic Lunchbox."