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Tessa van Duyn

Tessa van Duyn

CEO and Practice Leader, Moores

LegalTech Squad Goals: Navigating the Hybrid Frontier with Intergen Teams

The legal industry is in a constant state of change. We’re responding to the changing regulatory, macroeconomic and post-covid environments all while embracing the shift towards hybrid work models. Evolve or die is our new mantra!

Against this backdrop, leaders are also facing a new challenge of effectively leading and engaging an intergenerational workforce.

This presentation explores strategies to navigate the complexities of managing diverse age groups while fostering collaboration, innovation, and productivity in a hybrid work environment.

You will walk away with tried and tested actions and strategies, which will support you to foster a more inclusive and collaborative work environment that bridges the gap between generations and gets the best out of individuals and the collective.

The session will delve into:

  • understanding the distinct characteristics, preferences, and communication styles of different generations
  • delivering practical insights and best practices for leveraging technology to facilitate collaboration and communication across hybrid teams
  • actionable strategies to bridge the gap between generations and promote synergy within your workplace
  • the importance of flexible work policies and balance initiatives in accommodating the diverse needs and priorities of your people
  • how prioritising flexibility and autonomy will empower your teams to thrive in a hybrid work environment while maintaining high levels of engagement and productivity.

Key Learnings

  1. Understand the key characteristics and preferences of the different generations and how to leverage these to foster inclusivity and mutual respect
  2. Learn from my mistakes and gain some insights and actionable strategies to bridge the gap between generations using tried and tested initiatives
  3. Learn some strategies to empower your team to thrive in a hybrid work environment.

About Tessa:

Tessa is a purposeful leader and highly regarded human rights and public law expert. She has more than 15 years of experience providing expert legal and strategic solutions.

Previously manager of the legal team at the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission, Tessa joined Moores to continue her commitment to making a positive impact in the community. As CEO, Tessa is an enabler. She believes human capital is the firm’s greatest asset and it is her role to empower people to achieve their best by embodying Moores’ values, working with purpose, delighting its clients and delivering results.

Tessa sits on a not-for-profit board in her local community, is Vice President of her children’s primary School Council and an Independent Member of the Football Victoria Tribunal.