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Tae Royle

Tae Royle

Head of Digital Products, Ashurst

Chihuahua vs Blueberry Muffin: The Future of AI in Legal Services

A series of recent breakthroughs in AI are resulting in completely new tools to help lawyers carry out their practice. However, these tools come with strengths and risks. This presentation focuses on how lawyers can get the most out of next generation AI, while proactively managing the risks.

It will cover:

• How AI really works
• What Chihuahuas and Blueberry Muffins can teach us about the strengths and risks of AI
• How to leverage the strengths of AI while actively managing the risks
• Three next generation AI tools that will change how lawyers practice law
• How to start incorporating AI into your practice

Three key takeaways: 

1. An enhanced understanding of the statistical models that underlie AI
2. How to proactively manage AI risk within your organisation
3. How to introduce next-gen AI into your practice