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Suzanne Hopman

Suzanne Hopman

CEO & Founder, Dignity

In 2015, frustrated by the lack of dignity shown to people experiencing homelessness, Suzanne Hopman developed a housing solution with a difference. Armed with the knowledge and experience working in the social services sector and a belief that the only way to end homelessness was by focusing on one person at a time, Suzanne opened the first Dignity house for women and children experiencing homelessness.

Today, Dignity operates multiple programs to prevent, respond to and end homelessness in Australia. Dignity provides supported guest homes in multiple locations for hundreds of people and families experiencing homelessness each night. A national Food Relief program supports people at risk of homelessness and longer-term housing programs, such as Dignity Intergenerational Studios and Ready to Work Housing, empower people to break the cycle of homelessness and end their homelessness for good.

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