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Sam Grange

Sam Grange

Principal Knowledge Engineer, iManage

Building an Information Architecture for Your Collective Intelligence: The Key to Leveraging AI

Join Sam Grange, Principal Knowledge Engineer at iManage, to explore why a knowledge management strategy, that structures the wealth of information your organisation holds, is required to ensure that AI delivers meaningful results for your lawyers. Whether your firm is at the forefront of knowledge management or just beginning to explore the possibilities, learn how to leverage your data with smart workflows, automation, and enrichment, unleashing the power of AI to elevate your legal practice, and enable knowledge workers to work smarter, faster, and safer.

Key Learnings

  1. Strategic knowledge management: Learn why knowledge management is the cornerstone for leveraging AI, ensuring it serves as a pivotal asset in enhancing your organization's competitive advantage.
  2. Enrichment and classification: Discover how you can optimise this process and enable humans and machines to understand the information through the lens of context so that it can be unlocked and applied in the right way, at the right time.
  3. Actionable strategies: Gain actionable insights into rapid and effective implementation techniques that promise tangible results, enabling your firm to navigate the complexities of information overload with agility and precision.

About Sam

Sam Grange is a Principal Knowledge Engineer at iManage, where they are dedicated to empowering organisations to discover and activate the knowledge hidden within their business content and communications. With a decade of expertise in information architecture, data management, and AI across law, policy, and coffee, Sam brings a data-driven approach to design and helping humans and machines to find and use their organisation’s collective intelligence.