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Rolf Behrens

Rolf Behrens

Senior Pre-sales Engineer, Relativity

Building Trust in a New Era of AI Engagement

Despite AI’s rapid progression, the legal industry is treading with caution. Complex projects, highly sensitive data, multiple regulations, and a demand for defensible processes are cause for trepidation when it comes to implementing generative AI technologies.

How can legal teams embrace these technologies with confidence without truly trusting their output?

This session breaks down how to navigate a new landscape of generative AI and mitigate the risks of hallucinations and data concerns with aiR for Review, whilst adding significant value.

Key Learnings

  1. Understand the current perceptions of AI in the legal industry
  2. Learn how to build AI trust among your teams
  3. See how Relativity aiR for Review can address concerns of hallucinations & data privacy

About Rolf

Rolf Behrens is a highly skilled information manager with 20+ years of experience in Australia’s legal technology industry, working at Law Firms and Legal service providers. As a certified Relativity Master, Rolf works closely with e-discovery professionals to understand their needs and pain points.

He joined Relativity in Australia in 2019 as Senior Solutions Specialist to work closely with clients to provide appropriate solutions to enable them to get the most out of Relativity. In 2021 he joined the Relativity Sales team as a Senior Sales Engineer to demonstrate to potential clients the benefits that RelativityOne could make to their business.