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Rico Burnett

Rico Burnett

Managing Director, Head of Innovation, Morae Global

Top GenAi opportunity areas, and how to execute targeted use cases

In this session, Rico Burnett, Head of Innovation at Morae, will step you through the top opportunity areas, and how to execute AI-driven use cases to solve common legal challenges.

Key Learnings

  1. How to identify your biggest AI opportunity
  2. How to prove the business case
  3. Getting it done

About Rico

Rico Burnett is a Manager Director and Head of Innovation at Morae.

Rico started his career as an attorney, specializing in Technology, Media and Intellectual Property Law. He developed specific expertise in software contract negotiation and implementation as well as IP contracting and enforcement.

He later joined Exigent, now part of Morae Group, and grew the company’s legal services division by 300% in just 4 years.

4 years ago, Rico founded the Mind Factory, an innovation and R&D hub consisting of data scientists, mathematicians, software developers, automation experts and accountants. The Mind Factory specializes in agile product development, process enhancement and leveraging innovative technology to enhance client systems.

He also consults internationally on all aspects of technology, with a focus on process automation and agile solution design. He has presented at CLOC, ILTA and previous Legal Tech Festivals.

Rico believes that the rising legaltech tide can contribute to business growth and allow better risk management.

Rico hails from Somerset West, South Africa. He enjoys mountain biking, playing golf badly and is a tabletop gaming fanatic (although his kids now beat him at most games).