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Peter Corner

Peter Corner

Manager, Alternative Contracting

Comic Book Contracts

Contracts in comic book form have been used in Australia, South Africa and other jurisdictions for several years now. They ensure that behavioural drivers are addressed to minimise disputes, and place the contractual relationship and values at the forefront of the agenda, changing the face of contract law. Recently, they have been rolled out in disability support and mainstream banking, and they represent a new avenue in access to justice.

About Peter:

Mr Peter Alexander Corner is founding manager of the legal consultancy Alternative Contracting which consults and works with business on visualization of contracting. He works closely with the Comic Book Contracting project at UWA, which has allowed him to draw on his experience from various industries, and he holds degrees in History and a Master of Research from University of Leicester in the UK. He has also studied finance in his native Denmark. He has lectured extensively on his work in legal contract design, including various universities and bar associations in Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, and the UK, the Lawyers Association Worldwide (LAW) and The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management/World Commerce and Contracting and numerous others.