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Peter Connor

Peter Connor

Founder & CEO, AlternativelyLegal

Shining a Bright Light on the 'Dark Art' of the Practice of Law - how Being a T-Shaped Lawyer is Going to Make the Biggest Difference in your Career and Prepare you for the Future.

Increasingly corporate lawyers are realising the importance of a business focus and on being ‘more than just a lawyer’. This session will take you way beyond generic terms like being business-minded, a business partner and understanding the business. It will spell out a very specific game-changing direction for you at a time when ‘the game’ is changing big time!

At a time when everyone is focused on digital transformation, this session will focus on something else: human transformation – transforming your work and your capabilities to do different work through the T-Shaped Lawyer Framework™.

It will shine a bright light on the dark art of the effective ‘practice of law’ – a topic rarely discussed – and highlight what makes the biggest difference in your career. Peter will share a brief preview of his soon to be published second book The T-Shaped Lawyer Guidebook: A Framework for Your Professional Development together with some of the key takeaways from his first book - The T-Shaped Lawyer: A New Vision for You and Your Work – which is available on Amazon now.

  1. Is Legal excellence going to make the biggest difference in your career?
  2. If not then what is going to make the biggest difference?
  3. What being a T-shaped Lawyer means and how it helps you to make a difference
  4. Why becoming a T-Shaped Lawyer enhances the impact of your work and your career prospects and prepares you for the future
  5. How to become a T-Shaped Lawyer- The T-Shaped Lawyer Framework™ for professional development

Key Learnings

  1. That legal excellence is not going to make the biggest difference in your career
  2. What is going to make the biggest difference and why
  3. How to embrace this differentiator to transform, not just improve, your work

About Peter

This session will be delivered by Peter Connor, Founder and CEO of AlternativelyLegal which he formed almost a decade ago to help corporate lawyers transform, not just improve, their work and their capabilities. He has consulted to a range of brand name global legal departments and delivered or devised training and professional development programs for thousands of lawyers all over the world. His unique T-Shaped Lawyer frameworks and programs leverage Peter’s 25+ years’ experience in various general counsel roles with Sun Microsystems, and Citrix in various international locations.