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Peter Baumann

Peter Baumann

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, ActiveNav

Are you ‘asleep at the wheel’ for Information Governance?

Legal firms are challenging environments where information needs change fast and deadlines can spring from nowhere. Without visibility into their firm’s data practices, IG teams are forced to be reactive and cannot effectively focus on what matters most.

With Outside Counsel Guidelines driving standards for data stewardship, and firms facing an increasing risk of breach, not having a data-driven approach to IG is like being ‘asleep at the wheel’ and leaves firms blind to their data compliance.

Key Learnings

  1. Data discovery and monitoring provides a consolidated view into the practices, risk and compliance across all of a firm’s unstructured data
  2. Made-for-purpose data discovery can transform your IG team’s effectiveness
  3. IG teams armed with data insights can provide support to practice groups to improve compliance without getting in the way of business value

About Peter

Peter Baumann, the CEO and founder of ActiveNav, an industry leader in the provision of privacy and governance software for unstructured data. His company empowers organisations to discover, inventory, and classify their data effectively.

Peter’s journey began in the electronic publishing industry at Bureau van Dijk and Standard & Poor’s Global Markets. During the exhilarating dot-com era, he joined an all-original dot-com business. The bug got to him, and he ventured fully into entrepreneurship, founding two start-ups before establishing ActiveNav in 2008.

His vision centers on information as an asset. Businesses and the public sector can leverage data to enhance customer services and streamline operations. With 35 years of international business experience, Peter has worked across high-growth finance, technology, and engineering sectors, and has lived and worked in the US, France, Belgium, and Libya.

Peter’s educational background includes a Higher National Diploma in Business, Finance, and International Marketing from the Bristol Business School in England. His contributions have earned him prestigious awards, including the ITC Enterprise Recovery Entrepreneur Award (2012) and the UK Enterprise Developing Entrepreneur Award (2019).