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Nick Abrahams

Nick Abrahams

Global Co-leader Digital Transformation, Norton Rose Fulbright

Sink or Soar: Survival Strategies for Lawyers Navigating the AI Revolution

A 2023 Goldman Sachs report said 44% of what lawyers do can be done by AI. There is much breathless talk proclaiming “the end of lawyers” as tech, robots and other factors are apparently going to render lawyers jobless. Nick Abrahams believes quite the opposite is true. As part of his role at Bond University, he has been researching the future of law for several years and he believes the opportunities for lawyers have never been better – but for lawyers with the right skills and mindset.

Nick’s session covers the following topics:

  • Explore the future of the legal profession and identify key threats and opportunities
  • Learn about legaltech and its true impact on the legal profession so far
  • Discuss the current state of Artificial Intelligence in law and its potential for the future
  • Reveal the 10 Key Habits of Successful Lawyers
  • Explore case studies of successful, low-investment/high-reward legal innovation

About Nick

Nick Abrahams is a corporate technology lawyer based in Sydney. Nick is our global co-leader of the digital transformation practice. Nick won the 2020 Financial Times Asia Pacific Legal Innovator of the Year Award. Nick regularly advises on tech M&A, IT procurement and data privacy/cyber-security matters. He also assists in-house counsel teams with innovation projects. Nick has deep commercial/innovation expertise and global networks in the technology space. He uses this knowledge to add value to client projects beyond the merely legal.