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Mollie Tregillis

Mollie Tregillis

Strategic Advisor and Mentor

Busy Work is Burning Us Out – But What Can We do About It?

The pace of work and change, as well as the increasingly complex expectations on lawyers has exploded in recent years. Things are getting busier, and it's taking a toll on lawyers. Many are feeling exhausted and potentially burnt out. This session dives into the culture of busy work, including the tasks and behaviours that keep us occupied but don't add much value. This session will share practical tips to help lawyers cut down on busy work and discuss mindset shifts to help shift the dial on busy work culture. It's about making room for strategic thinking, facing upcoming changes, and being well at work.

1. Understanding busy work culture
2. Navigating the impact of busy work on wellbeing and performance
3. Practical tips to minimise busy work distractions
4. Shifting mindset and culture around busy work
5. The importance of making space in legal practice

Three Key Learnings

  1. Defining busy work and understanding its impacts

  2. Implementing practical strategic to win back time

  3. How to start shifting the mindset and culture around busy work

About Mollie

Mollie is a recovering lawyer and Legal Operations specialist.

Previously the Executive Director of Legal Optimisation Consulting at MinterEllison, Mollie is now a strategic advisor, facilitator, coach, speaker and writer with a focus on the intersection of operations, technology people and change in the legal industry.

She is passionate about human centric strategy and clever ways of working, with a deep and abiding focus on the people at the heart of every legal team. She is allergic to ‘busy work’ and is deeply interested in improving the culture within the legal industry to reduce burnout and allow lawyers to thrive rather than just survive.