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Melissa Lyon

Melissa Lyon

Executive Director & Experience Designer, Hive Legal

How to design and build a purpose driven business model using design thinking

In this interactive session we will show you how to use design thinking to identify your purpose and the essential elements of your business model. You will even have the chance to start designing so you wil have a base to start with.

We will draw on Hive Legal’s 10 years of experience as a purposefully designed firm and provide you with practical examples of how to build programs that will support and enhance your business model into the future.

  1. Design thinking and why you should use it to design your business model
  2. Examples of how we have used it at Hive
  3. Identifying your purpose and the essential elements of your business model (workshop)
  4. Identifying programs to enhance your business model (workshop)
  5. Discussion around takeaways
  6. What to do next

Key Learnings

  1. How the power of purpose and design thinking can combine to create sustainable business models
  2. How you can identify your purpose
  3. How you can identify the essential elements of your business model and develop programs to enhance it even more

About Melissa

Melissa is an innovation specialist committed to assisting the legal industry to develop human centred design skills. She draws on many years of experience in legal practice as a commercial litigator and as a partner of a law firm. She has also held senior business development roles, including managing BD teams and leading numerous projects and programs at a top tier Australian legal firm.

Melissa is now the Executive Director & Experience Designer of Hive Legal, an innovative law firm which has changed the legal profession by introducing legal design thinking, technology solutions for its clients, value pricing and truly flexible work practices.

Melissa has developed a very different approach to innovation programs based on a design thinking framework and the power of purpose (HiveThinkP). She is a skilled facilitator and assists clients to develop human centred projects through interactive workshops and design sprints. She has also designed and delivered numerous educational sessions and programs to a broad range of people within the legal ecosystem focussing on providing an understanding of legal design concepts and how they can be utilised to design user centred business models, products, documentation, services and processes.

She is a member of the Centre for Legal Innovation’s Advisory Board and ‘Geeky Guru’ (Legal Design Thinking) and was recognised at the Australian Law Awards winning Business Development Professional of the Year (2017) and Innovator of the Year (2020).