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Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan

Legal Operations Manager, Group Legal, Australian Retirement Trust

The Future of Legal Operations

Legal Operations is continuing its slow and steady rise in law firms and corporate legal teams alike. More legal operations roles are being advertised than ever before and there is more scope than ever for these roles to help build and shape the legal team of the future. Why did Legal Ops come about, where is it now, and where is it headed? Unpicking these questions will also lead to a bigger picture discussion about broader trends in the legal sector around skill sets and the balance of lawyers and “non-lawyers” in a successful legal team.

  • Statistics on Legal Operations roles and their rise
  • Information about the scope of activities Legal ops teams are performing
  • How Legal Ops can help shape and manage a future fit legal team
  • The increased numbers of Legal ops and other allied legal professionals in a legal team and what this means for legal teams of the future.

Key Learnings

  • A strong understanding of Legal Operations and it size, scale and scope
  • Start thinking about the day to day and strategic functions a Legal Operations role can support
  • The change in constitution of a legal team of the future and what we are likely to see

About Matt

Matt leads Legal Operations at Australian Retirement Trust, driving strategy development and implementing the legal team’s operating methodology. Prior to this, Matt built and led legal operations at QIC. Matt currently serves as co-chair of the Australian chapter of CLOC. He has also led client relationship and business development pursuit teams in a global law firm. Matt enjoys influencing lawyers to embrace change, and to better articulate and share in the value they generate for their organisation and clients.