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Lee Roebig

Lee Roebig

Customer CISO, Sekuro

A Practical Approach to a Modern Security Strategy

In this presentation, Lee will delve into the urgent need for updating traditional cybersecurity approaches.

Drawing from contemporary insights, this presentation advocates for a paradigm shift towards innovative strategies to combat evolving threats. Join Lee as we navigate through practical approaches and real-life stories, showing a future where cybersecurity is agile, robust, and resilient, and how to go about achieving that in your own organisations.

Key Learnings

  1. The Necessity for Change - Understand the critical need to move away from traditional cybersecurity methods that may no longer be effective against modern threats.
  2. Innovative Strategies - Gaining insights into cutting-edge strategies and practices that can be implemented to enhance cybersecurity measures.
  3. Implementation for Resilience - Learning practical steps and real-life success stories that demonstrate how to build a cybersecurity framework that is both flexible and strong, ensuring organisational resilience against cyber threats.

About Lee

Lee is an experienced cyber security professional with 17+ years in the technology Industry. As Sekuro’s Customer CISO, Lee helps clients with their cyber security strategies, mentorship, executive advisory, and security architecture. He has worked with numerous clients on cyber security strategies across industries such as health, insurance, construction, manufacturing, leisure, financial, infrastructure including multiple ASX listed companies.