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Leah Mooney

Leah Mooney

Director, KPMG Law

Interactive Panel | Balancing Cyber Security, Privacy and Risk

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, the intersection of cybersecurity, privacy, and risk presents complex challenges and opportunities for companies and Governments alike.

This session, a panel of distinguished experts, will delve into the intersection and dynamics of these critical areas, providing attendees with practical insight and actional strategies for responding to cybercrime, which is predicted by Cybersecurity Ventures to cost over $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

About Leah

LEAH MOONEY is a Director at KPMG Law and is best known for helping organisations to understand cybersecurity and data privacy risks and compliance, with a particular focus on data breach incident response, high risk technologies and cybersecurity issues arising in the context of security of critical infrastructure and countering foreign interference. Leah will focus on Generative AI: Minimizing the privacy impacts of high-risk technologies and responding to complexities of existing laws around cyber breaches. A solicitor with exceptional hands-on experience in addressing high profile data breaches, she lectures in cybersecurity, privacy and evidence law at the Institute of Cyber Investigations and Forensics and regularly presents to industry groups on cybersecurity and privacy developments.