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Lauren Myers

Lauren Myers

Legal Operations Analyst, The University of Sydney

Working with lawyers: valuing varied skill sets in Legal Operations teams

The legal industry is changing like never before, and the way legal work is executed, delivered, and valued is evolving. As Legal Operations teams operationalise processes, incorporate data and meet complex regulatory and risk-impacted environments, there is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and work with those from a range of professional backgrounds and who bring a range of valuable skills and perspectives to legal work. As someone who is not a lawyer, but has worked with lawyers for many years, I wanted to share how rewarding the experience is, and how my team has built success from diverse professional backgrounds.

  1. The journey to Legal Operations
  2. Working with lawyers
  3. Delivering value in the modern legal office
  4. Building a Legal Operations team with diverse skill sets
  5. Career paths for allied legal professionals with varied professional backgrounds

Key Learnings

  1. Professional diversity is key to innovation in collaboration
  2. The legal industry is an interesting and rewarding career for those with diverse professional perspectives
  3. The legal industry has much to benefit from working with, and learning from, those with range of business skills and experiences

About Lauren

Lauren is a Legal Operations professional at The University of Sydney, where she has been building the knowledge management function since 2022. With a background in information management, and a passion for information governance, she is interested in the way information systems impact human-centered and business outcomes in the legal industry.