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Lauren Dyson

Lauren Dyson

Data & Technology Lead, Legal and Secretariat Divisions, Westpac

Destroy your Darlings - Lessons Learned implementing iManage Records Management

The Westpac team will share some lessons learned implementing iManage Records Management. Tackling a million documents and 30,000 matters dating back to the 1990s requires consideration of the history and contents of each matter, and careful consultation with lawyers.

Everyone agrees that destroying documents that are beyond their use-by date is a good idea. No one particularly wants to press the big red delete red button.

About Lauren

Lauren Dyson is a Data & Technology Lead for the Legal and Secretariat Divisions at Westpac. She is a technology professional and change leader, with an obsession with data and a history of leading digital innovation and change programs across a range of industries.

Lauren is a passionate customer and user experience advocate, who originally started her career as a research chemist and studies data science in her spare time. She is interested in the application of scientific methodology to drive innovation in the legal technology space, particularly the use of AI to shape our future ways of working.