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Kylie Lowder

Kylie Lowder

Head of Strategy & Operations, AMP

Interactive Panel | Legal Operations: From Conception to Meaningful Action

Join Jason and panellists, including Kate Price from nbn, Kylie Lowder from AMP and Powell Soe from Microsoft in a dynamic session addressing key challenges in Legal Operations from different viewpoints. Explore strategies for developing and implementing effective Legal Ops plans, leveraging external support judiciously. Gain insights into fostering team engagement in transformative processes. Delve into the insights and future of Legal and Regulatory teams, exploring legal ops strategies and operating models.

Key Learnings

  1. Strategic Legal Ops Planning: Learn from real-world experiences, discovering how to develop and translate Legal Ops strategies into actionable plans for effective implementation.
  2. Optimal Resource Utilisation: Understand the dynamics of relying on internal teams versus external support, gaining insights into when to adopt a DIY approach and when to leverage consultants for broader perspectives.
  3. Future-Proofing Legal Operations: Explore the evolving landscape of Legal and Regulatory teams, including the potential impact of transformative technologies like Generative AI. Gain practical insights into assessing Risk/Reward and ROI through the Legal Function Assessment Suite.