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Krystal Jackson

Krystal Jackson

eDiscovery Senior Manager, Ashurst

Navigating the Future of eDiscovery: Harnessing AI for Success

In the presentation, Krystal will explore the growing potential of AI in the realm of eDiscovery. Delving into the fundamentals of eDiscovery, discuss the rise of generative AI, and examine its applications across legal industry with a particular focus on litigations, investigations, and regulatory responses. She will explore how AI can influence various aspects of legal document management through early case assessment, document review, and legal strategy development. Through real-world examples and interactive engagement, Krystal will demonstrate how AI-powered analytics can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making in the legal industry. We will also discuss common concerns and misconceptions surrounding AI in eDiscovery, emphasising its role as a valuable tool that complements human expertise rather than replacing it. This presentation aims to equip legal professionals with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the evolving landscape of eDiscovery and leverage AI for success in their practice. Some of the key topics Krystal will discuss are;

  • managing the hype surrounding AI and in particular GenAI and LLM in legal decision and fact gathering
  • discussing the available AI in eDiscovery and its journey so far as a comparison to more futuristic GenAI in the legal industry
  • the potential for AI in a more practical sense, and how Ashurst Advance is looking at leveraging it for its clients

About Krystal

Krystal's journey in eDiscovery began over a decade ago, where she quickly established herself as a trusted advisor and leader in the field. Throughout her career, she has honed her skills in data collection, preservation, processing, review, and production, guiding clients through every stage of the eDiscovery process with precision and efficiency. Krystal's deep understanding of evolving technology trends and her commitment to staying updated on the latest technology trends and developments have enabled her to introduce innovative solutions and achieve outstanding outcomes for her clients. Whether it's implementing advanced analytics solutions to streamline document review, leveraging AI-powered tools for early case assessment, or navigating the complexities of cross-border litigation, Krystal's ability to blend strategic thinking with technical expertise have consistently positioned her as an expert in the eDiscovery space.