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Kirk Docker

Kirk Docker

Director, You Can't Ask That

How to ask better questions to get more interesting answers.

You Can’t Ask That aims to give misunderstood and marginalised people the opportunity to speak for themselves, and through his interviews, Kirk has developed an authentic and effective process for communication that allows him to unlock dialogue. Kirk is here to give you a taste of this first hand, as leaders the techniques that you can learn from this session will impact how you communicate both in the workplace and in everyday life and allow you to foster better, deeper conversations. 

About Kirk:

Kirk Docker is one of Australia’s finest interviewers and storytellers. He is the co-creator and director of the ABC program You Can’t Ask That, now in its 7th season. The show has been awarded Rose d’Or, AACTA and Walkley awards and is the most successful format in ABC history, selling to 32 territories, and broadcast in 9 different languages world wide. When it comes to the content he creates, no subject is off-topic. Kirk’s interviewees range from ex-politicians to ice users to sexual assault survivors. He has a deep curiosity, compassion and playfulness that elicits honesty from his participants, many of whom have never sat in front of a camera before. Through thousands of hours of open dialogue, what’s become absolutely clear to Kirk is that every human, no matter what they believe or how high their stature, share a core value: the desire to be understood.