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Kim Wiegand

Kim Wiegand

Partner, Beaton Research and Consulting

Do New Age Lawyers Need EQ to Support Outstanding CX?

CX is fast becoming a key differentiator between different lawyers and firms, and is a combination of touchpoints, experience of systems, behaviours, and results. Indeed, it has created a benchmark for client / lawyer expectations – faster, smoother, clearer. Is it that simple, however?
Although many factors or behaviours impact on the overall CX, research shows there is more to it than process, system and behaviour. There is emotion – and a hell of a lot of it.

After years of LPM and now playbooks on CX, when are we teaching our lawyers to be human and understand how their behaviour and engagements impact their clients’ emotions and therefore the experience they are delivering? Beaton Research and Consulting have delivered a study into the various phases to the client journey – 20 touchpoints overlayed with 10 emotions. These emotions range from supported and confident to uncertain and frustrated. Interestingly, there are markers to the most impactful emotions at each interaction point, as well as the emotions which contribute to an outstanding CX.

Should we be teaching our lawyers to read emotions and be agile enough to adapt their behaviour and playbook to suit the delivery of the CX for each client? Can firms afford to ignore the emotional drivers of their clients?

This session will:

• Unpick what the CX landscape actually looks like
• Provide an overview of the current trends within Firms regarding CX and acknowledge the importance of these
• Introduce the CX and EQ concept
• Outline the data and research results
• Propose the impact on the skillsets of lawyers into the future – T-shaped or O (supporting consistently evolving skills)

Three key takeaways:

1. Baseline CX expectations within your firm – what to aim to implement
2. Reconsider the way you deliver your current services
3. Incorporate the client into the way you operate – consider co-creating a system or process with key clients that supports a deeper understanding of the needs and emotional impact of your current CX delivery