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Jessica McMurray

Jessica McMurray

Senior Associate – Statutory Compensation Management, MinterEllison

GenAI and Fusion Teams: a Catalyst for Innovation

Embracing GenAI isn't just about technology adoption. It requires a comprehensive strategy to effectively integrate GenAI into a business model and a key component of this is bringing people from different disciplines together to collaborate, innovate, and solve complex problems. People are the cornerstone for integrating GenAI in a way that catalyses innovation, drives efficiency, and propels an organisation or legal team forward. This session will explore the critical role cross-disciplinary teams play in executing a GenAI strategy and driving a competitive advantage in a landscape where being nimble and quick to adapt is key.

  • Role of fusion teams: how diverse skills contribute to successful GenAI integration
  • How to establish and manage a fusion team effectively
  • The significance of people leadership in effectively driving a GenAI strategy
  • Examples of potential hurdles for fusion teams and how to navigate these obstacles
  • Insights from legal, talent and operations professionals on their fusion team experience
  • Case Studies of successful GenAI implementation using fusion teams

Key Learnings

  1. Deep understanding of the pivotal role of fusion teams in driving a GenAI strategy
  2. Fundamental principles of, and practical tips for, forming and effectively managing fusion teams
  3. Insights from a fusion team – what has been a success, lessons learned and the impact on a GenAI strategy

About Jessica

Jessica is a lawyer advising on statutory compensation matters with experience in defending both statutory benefits and common law claims within the Victorian workers' compensation scheme.

Jessica is focused on building strong relationships with employers, to not only help achieve the best outcome for her client but also to ensure employers feel supported throughout the claims and litigation process.

Jessica is an advocate for change in the legal profession. She was a founding committee member of the Science and Technology Law Association at Melbourne Law School. She continues to promote business transformation as an Innovation Champion for MinterEllison's Innovation for Impact team. She also mentors students through programs facilitated by the Australian Business and Community Network.