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Jen Luther

Jen Luther

Acting Deputy General Counsel - Privacy, Atlassian

A Privacy Attorney and a Team Doctor walk into a bar …

What happens when a tech privacy attorney asks an operational excellence expert for advice on managing a rapidly-growing global team? For Atlassian, it inspired a Legal department-wide experiment of adopting modern work practices and tools that has changed not only how we work, but how we collaborate and understand our colleagues and customers. Jen Luther (Acting Deputy General Counsel - Privacy) and Corey King (Principal Program Manager for Operational Excellence) will share their story, as well as actionable insights, strategies for replicating at scale, and what they’d do differently if they had a time machine.

About Jen:

Jen Luther oversees Atlassian's international privacy program and is scaling the organization to support its growth goals. She works with the C-suite, General Counsel, and executive leadership to influence policy and process across the company and in the market. As a trusted advisor, she focuses on privacy, data governance, business ethics, product strategy, AI/machine learning, and future-proofing. Jen leads a global privacy team to ensure user protection in SaaS product design and has helped grow the Privacy Program with customer needs in mind.