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Fiona McLay

Fiona McLay

Consultant, McLay Legal Consulting

Staging a tech intervention: 12 steps to guide tech-avoiders to digital enlightenment

Picture this: a 12-step program, but for lawyers dodging the digital age like it's a process server. In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, the legal industry faces a significant challenge: moving beyond deep-rooted traditions and overcoming skepticism towards technology. Introducing new tools often feels daunting—time-consuming, costly, and fraught with low adoption rates. This presentation, led by an experienced lawyer adept at encouraging tech adoption, provides practical, effective strategies to navigate this transition. Attendees will gain straightforward, pragmatic tools to effectively engage with both tech-avoiders and the tech-resistant, moving from red pen scribble and highlighted pages to a tech-enabled legal practice

Key Learnings:

  • Identifying and understanding the roots of tech resistance in law.
  • Effective communication strategies to engage tech-resistant lawyers.
  • 12-step program for legaltech adoption (humorous framework but actionable advice)
  • Integrating change management techniques in tech transitions.
  • Leadership approaches to influence and inspire tech integration.
  • Examples of what works

About Fiona

Fiona McLay, founder of McLay Legal Consulting, is a friendly face in the world of legal tech. Fiona helps lawyers make their firms not just more profitable, but also more enjoyable places to work, thanks to smart use of the right tech.

With 25 years as a dispute resolution lawyer under her belt, she’s seen it all – having worked in top tier, mid-tier, NewLaw, and in-house. This journey has given her an insider's view of how different lawyers use their tech - and how to help them do it better.

Tech alone is not a magic bullet but she believes that tech-enabled lawyers can better serve their clients, be happier and build more resilient businesses.

Fiona is a teaching fellow at the College of Law and a Geeky Guru at the Centre for Legal Innovation. Her book called "Tech Enabled Lawyer" is packed with insights on getting the most out of your current tech and figuring out what new tech you need. It has been described as "the guide the industry has been crying out for".