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Fiona Long

Fiona Long

CEO and Founder, Cyber Security Consulting and Assuredly

About Fiona

Fiona is the Founder and Director of Assuredly and Cyber Security Consulting P/L, with over two decades in cyber security. Her experience spans from leading the charge in the early days, developing security for a number of online banking channels to Head of Cybercrime for one of Australia’s largest data management companies. Fiona is dedicated to demystifying cyber security and responsible AI practices, offering advice and tools to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Fiona provides virtual CISO services to a range of companies. She stands out as Australia's only solo female cyber security software founder, the first accredited female IRAP Assessor in NSW, and a two-time finalist for Australia's Most Outstanding Woman in IT Security at the Australian Women in Security Awards. Fiona is also one of the first 50 people globally to become an authorised AI Ethics Assessor as part of the IEEE’s CertifAIed program.