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Elisabeth Flett

Elisabeth Flett

General Counsel & Company Secretary, Cancer Council | 2023 General Counsel of the Year

Business Love Languages - The importance of human connection in an AI world

In today's increasingly automated and remote work landscape, the challenge lies in maintaining the human connection that prevents loneliness, burnout, and drives results. As AI and automation advance, acknowledging and nurturing uniquely human attributes become vital. This session delves into the concept of business love languages, drawing from Gary Chapman's framework and how this can make a real difference in workplace connection. Fostering these connections, even in remote or hybrid setups, is essential for building a culture that not only prevents burnout but also fuels innovation and ensures long-term business success.

3 Key Learnings

  1. AI and automation are becoming more prevalent in the workplace, but they can’t replace the personal touch that makes us uniquely human
  2. By understanding and respecting different business love languages, we can create a more personalised and human-centric workplace, which can help to foster a culture of innovation and drive business success
  3. Recognising and embracing diverse love languages fosters a collaborative environment where team members feel valued. This becomes a breeding ground for creativity and innovation, propelling the business forward in dynamic and unforeseen ways.

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth (Lis) is an award-winning lawyer with 14 years’ legal and governance experience. She currently serves as the General Counsel and Company Secretary of Cancer Council NSW.

Prior to joining the Not-For-Profit sector, Lis worked for large national and international companies spanning a range of industries including Logistics, Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Agribusiness, and in private practice for a prominent national firm.

Lis’ current focus is on using her experience to advocate promote a more inclusive and healthier legal profession by sharing about her non-linear career path, personal career challenges, and mentoring others.