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Dr Sarah McKay

Dr Sarah McKay

Neuroscientist & Director, The Neuroscience Academy

On the Same Wavelength

Biological synchrony is one of Mother Nature’s tricks to ensure we bond and trust other people. Synchrony is like the social glue that holds groups together and enables cooperation.

When people experience trust, rapport, cooperation, sing or dance or share attention, their biology — heartbeats, breathing, hormones and brainwaves — synchronises.
An introduction to the social brain and the neurobiology of trust and rapport,
An overview of the most up-to-date neuroscience and technology (most published since 2021) of two-person neuroscience,
How to create trust and build rapport using the latest neuroscience. Is it possible in the digital age?

About Dr. Sarah McKay

Dr. Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist and science communicator, adept at making brain science accessible for enhancing health, performance, and creativity.

An Oxford University graduate, Sarah earned her MSc and PhD in neuroscience before moving to Australia, where she conducted five years of postdoctoral research on spinal cord injury. She then founded Think Brain, an online platform providing professional development in applied neuroscience and brain health.

Sarah took to the screen in 2019, presenting an ABC Catalyst episode on brain health, biohacking, and longevity. She is the author of two books on women’s brain health, “The Women's Brain Book: The Neuroscience of Health, Hormones, and Happiness” (second edition due 2025) and “Baby Brain: The Surprising Neuroscience of How Pregnancy and Motherhood Sculpt Our Brains and Change Our Minds (for the better).” She’s writing a third book on brain health for the iconic For Dummies brand.

Sarah lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches with her Irish husband. Together, they are raising two boys and one springer spaniel. They can be found surfing, sailing, and ocean swimming.