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Daniel Susskind

Dr Daniel Susskind

Oxford University and King’s College London

The Future of the Legal Profession

In this talk, Dr Daniel Susskind will explore the future of the legal profession in the age of COVID-19. Drawing on his best-selling books, 'The Future of the Professions' and 'A World Without Work', he will set out two futures for the professions – both rest on technology. One is reassuringly familiar, as it is a more efficient version of what we have today. The other is transformational – a gradual replacement of professionals by increasingly capable systems. In an internet society, the professions will look remarkably different from today, and we will neither need nor want lawyers – or doctors, teachers, architects, the clergy, consultants, and many others – to work as they did in the 20th century.

This session will address:

• Why these professions exist at all
• The transformation taking place at the vanguard
• The most important trends in technology and AI
• The impact on the legal profession and the future of legal work
• How the legal profession ought to respond

About Daniel: 

Dr Daniel Susskind explores the impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, on work and society. He is a Fellow in Economics at Oxford University, and a Visiting Professor at King’s College London. He is the co-author of the best-selling book, 'The Future of the Professions' (2015; 2017), and the author of 'A World Without Work' (2020), described by The New York Times as "required reading for any potential presidential candidate thinking about the economy of the future”. His TED Talk on the future of work has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Previously, he worked in various roles in the British Government, including in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, in the Policy Unit in 10 Downing Street, and in the Cabinet Office. He was a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard University.