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Corey King

Corey King

Principal Program Manager for Operational Effectiveness, Atlassian
United States

A Privacy Attorney and a Team Doctor walk into a bar …

What happens when a tech privacy attorney asks an operational excellence expert for advice on managing a rapidly-growing global team? For Atlassian, it inspired a Legal department-wide experiment of adopting modern work practices and tools that has changed not only how we work, but how we collaborate and understand our colleagues and customers. Jen Luther (Acting Deputy General Counsel - Privacy) and Corey King (Principal Program Manager for Operational Excellence) will share their story, as well as actionable insights, strategies for replicating at scale, and what they’d do differently if they had a time machine.

About Corey

For nearly two decades, Corey King’s helped organizations disrupt their status quo and build high-performance, people-centric cultures that achieve real results. He’s helped leaders from industries ranging from local nonprofits to multinational corporations embrace practices and tools that address their most significant operational challenges. As a fast-moving and results-driven pragmatist, he has a strong aversion to bureaucracy. Within Atlassian, he’s known as Dr. WoW (Ways of Working) for his advising, coaching, and mentoring of colleagues and customers.