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Charles Cho

Charles Cho

General Counsel, NSW Treasury

You Want Real, True, Radical Innovation? Let’s Fundamentally Change the Way We Buy, Sell and Contract for Technology.

Are you a customer that has been disappointed with buying technology that did not meet your expectations? Are you a supplier that has been “burnt” by a lengthy customer project that was eventually cancelled? Why is there a long line of failed technology projects? In this talk, Charles will posit that it is not because of the technology! Charles will leverage his decades experience as a technology and commercial lawyer and the General Counsel of a central government agency to articulate that the true innovation that we need is to radically change the way we buy, sell and contract for technology projects. Only then can great technology actually thrive.

This session will cover:

• The landscape of failed technology projects
• True innovation for suppliers

  1. Be customer-led not sales-led
  2. Stop pushing a square peg into a round hole
  3. Have skin in the game (really)

• True innovation for customers

  1. Define success by outcomes – not requirements
  2. 30:10:30:40 rule (and yes, it does not add up to 100)
  3. Be ready to change the shape of the hole
  4. Reduce cost for suppliers

• True innovation for contracting

  1. Spend time / focus on the important parts (and it’s not the legal terms!)
  2. Risk sharing – not risk shifting
  3. The Mutual Exit Clause