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Anja van der Weerd

Anja van der Weerd

Development Manager, Knowledge and Practice Support, Australia, K&L Gates

Starting a Global Innovation Chain Reaction

How do you start a global innovation chain reaction and influence a multinational organisation to adopt an innovation focus? Join this session to hear how initiatives from the Australian offices of K&L Gates created a ripple that began a global journey to embed innovation in the firm. Carolyn and Anja will share practical, experience-based initiatives that influenced critical stakeholders, raised awareness and created a culture that drove business outcomes.

This session will cover:

• Making the business case for innovation
• Mapping a stakeholder matrix and engaging your target audience
• Aligning a culture with successful business outcomes and capturing their value
• Identifying and amplifying successful innovation pilot projects
• The balance between strategic planning and staying dynamic

Three key takeaways:

1. How K&L Gates amplified regional initiatives across a global platform
2. Practical steps that set off a chain reaction
3. Focusing energy to change culture